Virtually, you’re in Venice too

Our journey to get to Venice was an adventure in itself. We left Naples at around 5am, taking a train to Rome. We arrived in Rome and jumped on the 9am train to Lunghezza so I could go and pick my laptop up from the Apple Store. We took a bus to and from there, before getting on another train from Lunghezza back to Rome. After a short wait, we got on the high speed train to Venice. When they say high speed, they really mean it! We were going at 290kmph at some points. After arriving in Venice we jumped on the ferry to Lido (7euros one way…eurgh. If you’re going to Venice and staying on Lido, factor that into your budget), and then on ANOTHER bus out to our airbnb apartment.

After finally arriving, we popped down to the supermarket and I made us some food while we waited for AJ and Leyla (AJ was waiting for Leyla in Venice, as she was coming from Milan in a carshare).

We were all exhausted the next day, so we just took it easy. The day after we went into Venice itself and got ourselves absolutely mind-boggingly lost amongst all the beautiful tiny streets and canals. We decided to do the celebrating for AJ’s 25th birthday then, as we didn’t want to be moving around with a hangover! Needless to say, the following day was spent pretty motionless.

When we left the airbnb apartment on Monday, we realised that we hadn’t planned anywhere else to go from there. After a morning in a cafe, we booked ourselves some flights to Amsterdam for the following day! Turns out that was cheaper than taking a bus or train anywhere else. I quickly found us a very cheap room in the centre of Venice for that evening, I love last minute prices sometimes. We then had another afternoon and morning exploring the canals of Venice. We found a delightful little wine bar, where the wine was 60cents a glass, and just packed full of Italians. Pretty adorable.

We had a wonderful time in Venice and I think it lives up to the hype. One word of advice though: Don’t stay on Lido. You’ll be hit with a 7euro EACH WAY ferry ticket every time you want to go to the main island.