How she turned The New York Times upside down, quite literally.

Founded over 120 years ago, The New York Times Magazine is the weekly, Sunday magazine supplement of the daily newspaper, distributing 2.5 million copies, with an accompanying online edition.

Whilst partially weighted by some of the gravitas derived from its parent publication, having previously investigated topics such as workplace sexual harassment, US political party tensions and the refugee crisis, it does not allow this to constrict its editorial freedom, exploring an array of subjects and formats.

Indeed, the magazine has been known to visually delve into more daring realms, such as dedicating an entire issue to demonstrate the height of New York’s tallest buildings by rotating the publication sideways, as well as using new technology to make journalism more immersive and engaging by bringing issues, such as the refugee crisis, to life for readers through virtual reality (VR) to document the lives of displaced people in Lebanon, South Sudan and Ukraine. …


Eleanor Smith

Currently studying BA (Hons) Graphic Design at Falmouth University with a passion for editorial, branding, art direction and writing.

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