GG Girls’ character in Enderal (2016), a mod for Skyrim (2011)— Bethesda and SureAI

Why player customisation helps build self confidence

Have you ever played a game where you thought “huh, I wish I could change my character?” or “I wish my character could be more like me”?

In many games these days, the player is able to choose how their character looks. These changes can be made in terms of their clothes, skin/hair/eye colour and gender (most often a choice between male or female) among other things.

It is games like these that can provide all players (but particularly female players) with a sense of self confidence. You may be thinking to yourself — “Who cares if people can make their characters look different? Half the time you can’t even SEE the characters! It doesn’t change the gameplay, right?”

Well, to answer your question, it can change the gameplay for some. While it doesn’t change the physical actions that occur within the game, it can allow the player to feel as though they are part of the game, as many gamers choose to make their customisable characters representative of themselves (not always — you should see my Bloodborne character!).

For players that use gaming as a way to live another life (and even to escape the one that they are in), this represents a crucial part of gaming. Some players need the character to be them — another them — and this is why character customisation is a very important part of the gaming world.

Additionally, it is only recently that character customisation has become such a big part of gaming, particularly to the extent of which players can now choose to customise themselves (it’s not JUST a choice between male or female anymore — you can change their jaw shape and stuff! Amazing!).

Because let’s face it, the majority of games feature a male lead, and some, if any, supporting female characters. With character customisation, your female character can BE the main character.

Like it or hate it, players — both female and male — are benefiting from the ever-growing world of personalised characters. At GG Girls, we encourage everyone to play games in which you can put a little bit of your personality into your character!