Uninstall McAfee Agent from any platform like windows mac Linux machine, a couple of reasons behind uninstalling the McAfee agent, maybe switch the antivirus, maybe be McAfee agent file is corrupt, the machine is not communicating from EPO server, or maybe some troubleshooting steps.

Best Practices

  • Try to remove the McAfee agent from EPO it will work only when the system is in communication
  • Remove agent from command, if you are not able to delete the agent from EPO server.
  • Above mention task is not work then you have to use the product remove tool ( always keep it as the last option)
uninstall mcafee agent from epo | remmove mcafee agent cmd

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Best ways to remove McAfee agent

If you are using McAfee epo server and facing some non-compliance issue like system is not communicated with server and you are try to remove and reinstall this article will helpful



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