Asynchronous Learning — Facilitating Students to Learn In an Online Environment and Build a Strong Network!

In these modern times, there is an alternate solution for almost everything, and majority of those solutions are coupled with technology. Remember the times when people used to shout for a taxi by standing at the edge of the road? We won’t blame you if you’ve forgotten because in this era of mobile technology, you can hire one just by tapping away on your smartphone.

Well, now you do not even have to walk all the way to a school or any institute just to attend the classes for your short course… Asynchronous learning makes learning easier and fun!

What is Asynchronous Learning?

It is a teaching technique that is centered on students. Asynchronous learning uses online learning resources and promotes information sharing between individuals who are a part of a network (mainly an institute, online group or a software vendor supported classroom).

Also known as ‘Location Independent Learning’, it is facilitated by different types of media like email, blogs, online discussion boards, audios, videos and learning management systems.

How is it Different from Synchronous Learning?

‘Synchronous’ means ‘synced up’ to certain time frames. Synchronous learning environment is a second name for traditional learning environments that involve face-to-face interactions between teachers and students, as well as the physical surroundings. Synchronous learning can be conducted online, but students and teachers need to be available at specific times to attend the class. However,asynchronous learningincludes no specific schedules at which teachers and students need to be available online, but it may be the case that students are given a week’s window to connect at least once. Courses and recorded sessions can be accessed at anytime and anywhere from the online database of the institute or the software vendor.

Benefits of Asynchronous Learning

As it is already established,asynchronous learning gives students the flexibility to set their own schedules for learning, which improves concentration. Coupled with learning management systems and mobile phones today, this student-centric method offers unique advantages. These include:

1. Student Portfolios (e-Portfolios)

Student portfolios generally outline a student’s skill sets as well as their knowledge level in different areas of study. With online asynchronous learning, students combine text, presentations, images, audio and video links as well as discussions forums to demonstrate their level of expertise. With learning management systems more common today, students often use avatars to present their own personality online and feel more comfortable.

2. Individualized Pacing

Asynchronous learning tools are often referred to as personalized learning tools with which a student can set their own pace of learning. These remote and online learning environments help students set their own times and establish a learning space that is free from distractions. Learning at an individualized pace, makes it more clear and understandable.

3. Asynchronous Collaboration

Several studies have shown that collaboration enhances the learning experience. While in-person collaboration carries the risk of anxiety, fear of people, peer pressure and other problems, online collaboration has helped sustain the educational experience at a high level. With asynchronous collaboration, teacher and students can also interact through different ways, which especially provides benefit to the students who find it difficult to interact with teachers. Asynchronous collaboration also allows students to actively participate in presentations and projects, building confidence and giving the opportunity to network with other like-minded individuals.

Building a Network — Why is it Important?

With the rising competition and a saturated job market, it is necessary to meet with people and build a strong network where like-minded individuals can help each other, or join forces to move forward. Asynchronous learning has helped students form a strong network where they can share and discuss ideas, as well as work on their implementation. Networking though a shared interest, i.e. online learning, can take you a long way in your career, and as learning is going mobile, you need to tweak yourself to match with the industry’s pace.

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