Protecting NYC’s Creative Economy by Protecting Artists First for NY-12

  • Protecting Seniors in the NYC Artistic Community (Endorsing Actor’s Fund Recommendations)
A drawing of my grandfather (left) and my great grandfather (right)
The Ship Manifest of which my grandfather and his mother were passengers
My Mother, Teresa Contreras and my Grandfather and the jewelry my mother designed and handmade.
My grandmother Marta Contreras painted by my Grandfather
Storage Unit where my grandfather (pictured) did his work.
My 2013 email to City Council Woman Margaret Chin about the harassment of artist Taylor Mead
An article about my Grandfather being an immigrant artist and his painting “Don Quixote.”
Vintage SAG on strike button



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Maya Contreras

Maya Contreras

Democratic candidate for Congress to represent #NY12. Voting Rights Advocate. Policy Educator. Public Health is Public Safety. No Policy About You, Without You.