Universal Health Coverage for NY-12

Health for efficiency Free courses in health education sponsored by Adult Education Project of the Board of Education and the WPA.

In other words as stated in the Statesmen, “Racism, not race, affects health, and race shouldn’t be used to explain away disparities caused by racism.”

BIPOC doctors and medical staff are also targets for racism, xenophobia, and discrimination. In an article from Harvard Health, “Dr. Altaf Saadi recently wrote about her experiences treating patients at our own hospital. She has been questioned, insulted, and even attacked by patients, because she is a Muslim woman who wears a headscarf. She is not alone. Recent published reports include overt bigotry expressed towards doctors of Black, Indian and Jewish heritage.”

Studies have found that children notice “differences” as young as six months old. Luckily, studies have also shown that these biases can be “trained out of children”which means we have to start young and not wait until after the horse has left the gate so to speak.

I believe the discussion of discrimination and anti-bias training is a criticalpart of the conversation we are not having frequently enough when discussing healthcare policy –that needs to change now.

Expecting? Get the right advice from the right sources, your doctor or health bureau
Lack of funds need not discourage from seeking competent medical care consult your health bureau.



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Maya Contreras

Maya Contreras

Democratic candidate for Congress to represent #NY12. Voting Rights Advocate. Policy Educator. Public Health is Public Safety. No Policy About You, Without You.