The Humanizing Touch … in Node

2 Cool Humanizing NodeJS Modules

When I’m coding I often need to take complicated or specific user input and create a display friendly version of it, something that is easier for humans to read.

For example, An article is submitted to a server, and when I save it, I use the most specific time I can get — but when it comes to displaying that date to a human again, I do things like “fuzzy” date, or a “time ago”. These are 2 examples of humanizing data.

A JS library for adding a "human touch" to data.A
create library for handling tons of different scenarios.
var humanize = require('humanize');'Y-m-d'); // 'yyyy-mm-dd'
humanize.filesize(1234567890); // '1.15 Gb'
var humanizeUrl = require('humanize-url');

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