Blue America Endorses Derrick Crowe for Congress

Derrick Crowe
Aug 21, 2017 · 2 min read

Over the weekend, we were very pleased to learn that we had gained the endorsement of Blue America PAC, a collaboration between well-known progressive blogs,, and!

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Blue America’s mission is to “replace the bipartisan Conservative Consensus in Congress with a strong and activated progressive movement that will serve the needs of ordinary American families, not the 1%, not corporate special interests and not careerist political hacks and their lobbyist buddies.”

In the blog announcing their endorsement of our campaign, Blue America’s Howie Klein wrote that, “[Derrick] has a visceral understanding of progressive issues and appears to be someone who will be more than just a ‘good vote’ in Congress, but someone — like Pramila Jayapal, Ted Lieu, and Ro Khanna can come forward as a natural thought leader…With an extraordinary candidate like Derrick, it’s a winnable seat, especially as more and more independent voters and even mainstream Republicans continue to sour on Trump and his enablers, like Lamar Smith, in Congress.”

Other Blue America endorsees this cycle include Jason Westin (TX-07) and Randy Bryce (WI-01).

Klein’s blog piece announcing Blue America’s endorsement can be found at

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Thank you for your support of our fight to restore liberty and justice — for all.

Derrick Crowe

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Liberty & justice. For all. Democratic socialist, former congressional candidate.