Donald Trump and Lamar Smith Stab Central Texas Families in the Back

We expect more from our congressman than a two-sentence press release when President Trump tries to rip out the supports for families struggling in the rigged economy. We expect our congressman to stand up for us.

Smith’s failure to stand up to President Trump when the administration released its budget this week shows why we have to replace him.

The budget that the administration released this week — and that Lamar Smith praised — is a direct attack on working people and families in the 21st District of Texas. If you voted for Trump and Smith believing they would stand with you in your struggle to provide for your family or that they would stand up to the big corporations and the swamp creatures strangling our politics — Trump and Smith just sold you out. They stabbed you in the back.

This budget lights Trump’s campaign promises on fire with an $800 billion cut to Medicaid, a program Trump promised not to cut.

The budget also includes a shocking $72 billion cut to programs for people with disabilities — though that should come as no surprise from a president who openly mocked people with disabilities on the campaign trail.

Hundreds of billions of dollars will be cut from programs that help struggling families eat and live with a shred of dignity while they fight to make it in the rigged economy. All of these cuts to programs like food assistance, federal student aid, and farm subsidies have a single, ugly purpose: to give even more tax breaks to Trump’s and Smith’s billionaire buddies.

VoteVets calls this the most anti-veteran budget ever released and specifically calls out Trump for lying to his supporters about not cutting Social Security and other programs. The Trump/Smith budget cuts $800 billion from Medicaid, a program whose beneficiaries include 1.75 million veterans. That’s one out of every 10 veterans. It also cuts $192 billion in food assistance — support that nearly 2 million veterans rely on. It also slashes Social Security disability payments by $72 billion. VoteVets put it this way: “This budget goes out of its way to sentence nearly half of veterans on disability to a live of poverty.”

The Trump/Smith budget includes a direct attack on the rural communities in District 21. Trump and Smith want to completely eliminate programs that support business development and job training opportunities for rural residents and that increase broadband Internet access to rural communities. Trump and Smith also want to completely gut the USDA program that provides funding for clean drinking water and waste disposal in rural communities. Cutting off funds for rural drinking water and for rural job training and business development is a direct attack on the viability of small towns across our district. And what has Smith done to stop it? Nothing. He issued a two-sentence press release praising the budget and went back to chasing corporate PAC donations.

Trump and Smith have another thing coming if they think the people of this district are going to take this lying down. Please donate to my campaign so we can fight back and replace Smith in Washington.