US Election Run Game App

Run for Votes

US election run app is an interesting medium through which you can show your support for your favorite presidential candidate. All you have to do is to choose your favorite candidate and collect votes for them playing the exciting election run game. The US Election Run app allows you to run against your rival while gathering votes for yourself from all states. The candidate who collects more votes from maximum states wins the elections.

The campaign of the US Election Run starts with no votes and ends when you have reached your destination after collecting votes from all states. The challenge is in keeping your reflexes sharp, successfully avoiding obstacles and taking turns and jumps at the right moment. The realistic characters and environment of the game adds to its thrill.

Do you have what it takes to run for the next US President? Challenge yourself and find out how far you go in the election run game.


· Run, jump, slide, left, right through streets of US.

· Choose either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton and start your campaign.

· Unique environment.

· Win from states.

· Endless running.

· Become President of United States of America.

· Share score on social media

Power Ups


With joggers, you can run faster and make higher jumps within limited amount of time.


With magnet, you can gather votes from the states, which are not reachable.

Multiple Votes

With this power-up, you can collect multiple votes from a state.


With this power up, your player can protect themself from obstacles.


With this power up, your player can fly to the sky and collect votes from there.

Pro-White or Pro-Human Rights? — The Choice is Yours!

While your religious, racial, and ethnic identity defines who you are, when used as a green card for discrimination, prejudice and hatred can lead to dissolving foundations of a society.

So before you elect your favorite candidate in our US Election Run Game, you need to consider what your social identity means to you and the people around you!

The first question you ask yourself is:

What does white supremacy mean?

Dictionary definition tells you that white supremacy is the belief that white people are superior to all other races specially the black race, and therefore, are entitled to dominate and rule them.

Hitler and Nazis believed in racial superiority of Aryans. And the world still shudders at the thought of the unprecedented massacre which that belief of racial supremacy led to.

Did I say unprecedented? I take my words back. Shuffle back through the chapters of your American History text books and you wouldn’t find the following facts:

Whites started invading America by the end of fifteenth century. Only two hundred years later, the population of Native Americans had declined by 90–95% — another unprecedented example of genocide.

What kind of sentiments or beliefs can lead to such atrocities?

Belief in white supremacy and racial superiority!

This is the same kind of sentiment which Donald Trump is trying to evoke in his supporters.

Despite his many protestations that he doesn’t have a single racist bone in his body, Trump has given us ample evidence and instances to accuse him of being racist. His hatred knows no bounds whether they be of race, religion, ethnicity, class or gender.

Donald Trump retweeted a meme which stereotyped Jews for their money-greed. His daughter’s conversion to Judaism didn’t stop him from expressing anti-Semitic sentiments. Not just that, he has pledged that after winning the elections, he would implement a total ban on Muslims entering the states.

Trump’s company was sued twice for not renting to Black people by the Justice Department. When asked if a company should be able to deny services to a customer whose religious beliefs clash with the owner’s, Trump’s answer was yes.

His supporters physically attacked a black man when he started protesting with his slogan that black lives matter. His attitude was dismissive and he said, “Maybe he should have been roughed up. It was absolutely disgusting what he was doing”.

Internet is flooding with his outrageous racist, anti-Semitic, and anti-Muslim remarks.

On the other hand, Hillary Clinton, despite of her imperialistic policies, does not believe in the politics of discrimination, prejudice and hatred on the basis of race, ethnicity or religion. Though she too has been accused for racism during her past career; however, her stance, in the recent presidential debates has been more democratic.

So if you want to see a flourishing White America founded on hate and discrimination against minority groups, then Trump is your choice!

And if you want equality of rights for people belonging to all racial, ethnic and religious groups, then with Hillary Clinton you go (or run) in your US Election Run Game.

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