If any of your friends still think EVs are far away, here are four arguments to convince them otherwise. We believe that everyone is making a common mistake on EVs: underestimating exponential growth. This makes technology adoption curves are hard to predict — the classic example being asking someone in 2007 how fast it would take for the majority of the world to have access to a smartphone.

And based off historical charts of EV adoption, things are looking pretty exponential:

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Originally published on electrade’s blog at https://www.electrade.app – Electrade is better, cheaper EV insurance.

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Thinking of buying an EV but not sure about car insurance costs? Take a look at our overview below (and top tips to help you find the best deal).

Many freshly-minted or experienced EV owners are getting quotes that are way higher than for similarly-valued ICE cars, while others are getting quotes that are way lower. So is electric cars’ auto insurance more expensive than similarly-priced gas cars?

The answer is no — they’re cheaper to insure. …

This article was originally published on electrade — Better, cheaper EV insurance. If you’re curious what this looks like, get a quote today!


Many Chevy Bolts, Tesla Model 3s, Nissan Leafs and similar are getting way higher quotes than comparable gas-powered vehicles. This article will discuss electric car insurance quotes in their relative capacity.

So which are cheapest to insure?

So here are some prices from the field for 2019 — the 10 cheapest electric cars to insure in 2019 in California. …



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