Electra Goes Magnum

Electra Foundation
Feb 26 · 1 min read

Electra is proud to announce that we have partnered with Magnum Wallet for another secure wallet storage option. Magnum Wallet is a light web wallet that allows users to store $ECA in their secure online wallet but keep their private keys stored locally using an encrypted passphrase.

Magnum never stores your private keys so security is greatly enhanced compared to other wallet options. Since you hold your keys, only you can initiate transactions. When you’re ready to send your $ECA to another address, you simply enter your secret passphrase which sends your authorization from your local device to your Magnum Wallet through an encrypted SSL connection channel.

Together, the Electra and Magnum Wallet partnership joins the world’s fastest, most secure and low transaction fee digital currency with another secure wallet storage option.

To learn more about Electra, visit our website: electraproject.org

For more information about Magnum Wallet, visit: magnumwallet.co

Written by: Captain Ron, an investor in Electra.