Electra Strikes Gold with New ChainCreator Partnership

Electra Foundation
Jul 5, 2019 · 2 min read
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Electra partners with ChainCreator and will be listed on whitelabel exchanges being sold to future exchange startups, as well as being listed on the ChainCreator exchange.

The Electra team and Electra Foundation are proud to announce we have entered into one of our most exciting and promising new partnerships in recent history. The partnership will result in Electra being listed by default on every new “white label” exchange sold by ChainCreator, as well as a listing on the ChainCreator exchange.

About ChainCreator

ChainCreator is a multi-million-dollar company launched at the end of 2017 with a successful track record in creating and managing white label platforms in other online verticals and hosts about 100,000 white label sites currently. The process of developing standardized backend exchange technology with a completely customizable frontend user interface is known as “white labeling” and the ChainCreator team are experts in this business model and technology. New, ready to go, and secure exchanges can be purchased from ChainCreator and then customized to the new exchange owner’s liking, marketed and supported on-scale making new exchanges easier and more affordable than ever to launch and administer.

For more information about ChainCreator whitelabel exchanges visit: www.whitelabel.exchange


The Electra Foundation’s board member, Robert Bakker was initially in discussions with ChainCreator because of their interest in acquiring the stricken Cryptopia exchange. As the Electra community knows, the Electra team has been diligently pursuing the retrieval of ECA assets currently parked on Cryptopia’s dormant servers.

The partnership

With this new partnership with ChainCreator, Electra will be listed on every ChainCreator white label crypto-to-crypto exchange sold by default. Only certain niche exchanges focusing on tokens, rather than coins for example, will not have the Electra listing. As ChainCreator sells white label exchanges to startups in the crypto exchange business, Electra will reach a broad audience due to the native listing on each new exchange. Electra will also be listed on the ChainCreator Exchange at www.chaincreator.exchange.

On behalf of the Electra team, we want to thank Mr. Josh Ozanne from ChainCreator for providing the Electra community, Foundation, and team this amazing opportunity and we look forward to working together.

To learn more about Electra, visit our website: electraproject.org

For more information about Chaincreator, visit: chaincreator.org

Written by: Captain Ron, Copywriting and Messaging Coordinator for Electra.

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