Fork/Wallet Update FAQ

Electra Foundation
Feb 12 · 3 min read
  • When will wallets be released?
    The wallets have been compiled and thoroughly tested, and will be available for download on Feb 15th on our website or official github link.

- Which wallets will be available?
As previously stated, we have currently moved to the QT Wallet version only. Both QT Wallet v1.3 and Desktop Wallet v1.3 should be upgraded to our new QT Wallet v2.0. The following wallets will be available for download.
— Win32
— Win64
— Mac OS
— Linux

- What should I do when v2.0 wallet is released?
The wallet update guide can be found at this link. Please follow these step-by-step instructions to complete your update. If you need assistance, our support team will be happy to help you on both the Discord and Telegram platforms.

- What happens if I am unable to download the new wallet and then update it after the fork?
As long as you don’t use your Wallet v1.3, to either send or receive after block no: 182.750, you won’t lose your coins. After block no: 182.750, you should update the wallet to v2.0, allow the wallet time to sync and you will immediately be able to use it.

- What is the meaning of the fork?
The fork is a change in the blockchain structure with the updated coding and developments. If you continue using Wallet v1.3 after fork block 182.750, you will not be part of the supported chain and stand the chance of losing your coins. To avoid this, please update your wallet as soon as possible to v2.0. After doing so your wallet will be a part of the new chain.

- What are the benefits with the v2.0 wallet?
— Faster confirmations
— Higher TPS
— Increased network security
— More frequent staking
— Additional wallet options (backup — restore — network peers…)

  • I downloaded the QT v2.0 wallet and completed the update. What should I do now?
    ** Please do not attempt to complete any transactions until the network passes fork block 182.750. Due to security concerns, there are some limitations within the v2.0 wallet.

If you make a transaction, it will be saved locally and the TX will wait until the first block of the new chain to be automatically processed.
If you want to receive payment to your QT v2.0 wallet, you will see the coins incoming and confirmed. If you want to send coins, they will not appear on the network until the network passes block no: 182.750. After block no: 182.750, you can start using your QT Wallet v2.0, as usual, to send and receive coins.
Again, we kindly ask you not to do any transactions, especially the sending of coins, until the block no 182.750. As of the writing of this document, the respective date for the fork is around Feb. 19th or 20th.

It is important to note that there will not be any staking with the QT Wallet v2.0 until after block no: 182.750. Once the block passes, your wallet will start staking again.

- Which exchanges will support the fork?
We are still waiting for an official written statement from some exchanges, and we plan to soon announce the list exchanges that have fully implemented the needed updates to support the fork. At the moment most have already stated that they will support the fork.

- What happens if an exchange does not support the fork where I have coins?
Please kindly transfer your ECA to your desktop wallet and upgrade your wallet to QT Wallet v2.0.

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