• Stanford Gibson

    Stanford Gibson

    Lover, father, believer, man-child, entrepreneur, author, filmmaker & Aikidoka

  • Alberto Linares

    Alberto Linares

    Reinventing professional 360 workflow. Show must go on!

  • Etinosa Yvonne

    Etinosa Yvonne

  • Nagida Clark

    Nagida Clark

    Immersive experience design | XR. Studying a Masters of Visualisation, Simulation & Immersive Design at UNSW.

  • SeirenFilms


    Storytelling & Narrative Design. Explorando el lenguaje de los pixels. Haus of #Storyhackers. By María Laura Ruggiero

  • Zayd Minty

    Zayd Minty

    I am a cultural development management professional, curator and researcher based in South Africa. My current project is Creative City South.

  • Eva Hoerth

    Eva Hoerth

    Let’s talk VR, AR, psychology, and ethical emerging tech.

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