How A Power Control Panel Is Better Than The MCC?

No doubt, every industry has an electrical panel for the safe and smooth supply of power into sub panels and circuits throughout the industry. There are two common of its type, one is Power Control and other is MCC that is always demanded in the market. However, which one is best and suitable for your industry? This is the major question and answer to this is right here. So, keep scrolling to know more. An Electrical Panel Manufacturers offer both of its types and to know the difference between the both take a look.

Basically, a Power Control Panel consists of PLC, DCS and other types of controllers. These are specialized in giving digital signals to input and then to the MCC panel, so, it can start their motor. Their work is totally based on the PLC/DCS program; therefore, it is better than in all aspects. On the other hand, MCC (Motor Control Panel) is consists of feeders for motors and blowers. These are designed as per the need of motor rating and require manual support for their operation. In automatic design, it requires a signal to start function which is provided by the Control Panel. Therefore, it is incomplete without it.

From the above, it is clear that Power Control Panel is the way better than the MCC Panel. This is because; it can do its work efficiently but MCC panel requires a signal to start operation. So, why are you still wasting your time? Go and get it now from Brilltech Engineers Pvt. Ltd. Being a preeminent Power Control Panel Manufacturers, we have the high-end solution to protect and supply electricity throughout the industry. You are free to send your requirements; we are just a call away to fulfill them.