Yelp and how it works…so beware of the giant yelp a publically traded company that is also a mega flywheel search engine optimization company (SEO). Which has over 50 million users accounts and there passwords to manipulate these.these seo companies provide profile data to google and aside from there resent win on a class action lawsuit on manipulating user accounts they do and have done it to mine. Which by the way google’s pinguin platform change requires companies with a website to be registered with yelp. “With a free ad” but to open a yelp ad you need to give them access to that ad with your password and user i.p.’s along with spyware they know when you change your profile on your free ad and with ranking software they know when anyone yelps they know how many times you go to the site. To add key words or images also part of googles pinguin platform they remove stars (important for users suggestions) they do not even install reviews even if you are watching yelp users install them they will put good reviews in not recomended areas of your ad . yelp will throw off spiders by not adding, changing, or listing not claimed on profiles… I had to block yelps phonecalls because i will not use a dishonest company because im not. I warn any one that is considering investing in yelp stock. Which is loosing millions of investors money…be careful.

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