Why you should read The Kingkiller Chronicles (spoiler free)

About the trilogy by Patrick Rothfuss

Are you human? Have you ever enjoyed a book? Here’s a few of the reasons you’ve got to start reading this.

The characters

First of all, as with all greats, the characters are the best. You get to know them quickly and deeply. Even though the main character is less than truthful at times, it’s all the more reason you increasingly care for him with every turning page.

All of the characters are shown deliberately and with elegance. You know the core of them within a few motions or words, yet they keep developing in surprising and interesting ways.

The language

From the start, the story flows. The pace pulls you forward, both in plot and the language itself. There is room for metaphors and the beauty continues throughout the action as well.

The layered story

Not only is the plot complex and fascinating on each of its levels, The Kingkiller Chronicles hold a story within a story. This provides a contrast between past and present, and flavors the promises dark and heavy. At the same time, you get absorbed into the earlier storyline without effort.

The worldbuilding

It’s detailed, free from infodumps, and it’s pleasantly rich. The magic system has classical elements, but it’s free of cliches and loopholes. The way the world, characters, and plot fit together feel effortless. While some stories sometimes flash an element of being made up, this series is just real.

The music

This sits at the fabric of the story, yet it feels like a bonus at the same time. It’s essential to the main character, so it surfaces in many aspects and parts of the story, but it never distracts or feels redundant.

I could go on, but you just need to start reading Rothfuss, right now.