Uh, what?
Sam Ursu

Capote was widely traveled as a child, attended 3 high schools, out clubbing and sneaking into clubs as a teen. That guy got around, no navel gazing in him.

Fitzgerald, another traveler, moving around a lot in his youth, bouncing between the US and Europe.

It’s moving around and doing shit that opens the eyes. Not that the scenery helps, but the contrast in the characters. Read their biographies, see that as children they we torn back and forth between different homes (not that I recommend this for a child’s mental health, both died alcoholics very young).

What I see too often in Medium writing is too much gazing into the mirror, too much I I I . . . too much me me me. Break the mirror, get out of the bedroom, get out of the neighborhood, get out of the same ol' comfy environment and see something new, meet someone new, someone from a different culture, someone with a different political opinion, embrace a new life. When you’ve seen a lot, then and only then, you can write a lot.