Why Do Men Put So Little Effort Into Serious Dating?
Emma Lindsay

Children are not an appendage.

They are the central focus of your life. You are the center of their universe, they are the center of yours. This is forever . . . even after you die.

The old fashioned term is family.

Having children without having a lifelong partner called a husband, is really not such a good idea. I highly recommend you don’t try this, the results are almost universally bad. It really does take two. You’ve probably noticed a small trend that men have one set of skills and traits and women have different set of skills and traits. Once you have children, you’ll discover that different sets are like really important, if not vital for raising children well. Two parent families sometimes get child raising wrong. Single parents almost always get it wrong. Go research the stats, children from single parent homes . . . yeah well it’s grim.

But having a life long partner, and children . . . I highly recommend it. Draw a time line of your life, out to 100 years if you don’t smoke. Write down the things you’ll value, how you’ll live out there in the upper end. write down these things in two columns, with and without children. Pretty grim on the without column. Who do you think is coming to your 85'th birthday party? How about your 95'th?

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