Hey Michael,

Hi Capella, I can appreciate the need for a panic tool,

We suffer from not having a true free market. If we had a true free market , the Epi-Pen would cost just a few dollars.

Consider that the market world wide is a few million units each year. If a factory wanted to make a million units each year, considering there are 220 working days each year they would need to make 5,000 units each working day. Unless there’s patent or other closed market reasons, anyone can make them. Just how difficult is the design and manufacturing of Epi-Pens? I’m guessing they’re simpler than mini flying drones which retail for under $20. Once you have the design reduced down to a collapsing plastic vial with a spring and needle, manufacturing costs a few cents. If epinephrine costs one dollar for a ten cc vial, it’s far less than a dollar per litre in industrial quantities, that’s ten cc’s for a penny.

So are we in a free market situation? If there are not 5 different makes of Epi-Pens available in any pharmacy for under $10 we are far from a free market. Instead we have a monopoly going on, a monopoly run by our aristocratic overlords* (congress) it turns out that the CEO of the company owning the monopoly on Epi-Pens is the daughter of a congressman. If we follow the money trails I’ll bet we find many congressmen sitting on the board of that company and/or holding shares, or high yield bonds issued by that company which were not purchased on the open stock exchange.

  • * Jason Ray who I sometimes follow would say “malignant overlords”, and I’m inclined to follow Jason’s lead.
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