Why I ‘Believe’ in Climate Change — and Why it Doesn’t Matter
Andrew Winston

History will show that we are also capable of a lot of bad science. Oh the trouble of with lemmings. I hope you know the lemmings fiasco . . . by your writings I guess not. You’ve certainly heard of the Nazis, they did some pretty horrific science — master race and what not. Do you believe all the science, or do you get to pick and choose? Dietary science gets a bit wild too.

Stephen Hawking is kind of wishey-washey on whether or not black holes exist . . . but he’s down pat on aliens living amongst us — or is that Musk I don’t remember. But those are your great scientific minds.

We do know this from the geologic record. A long long time ago, on a continent not so far away the Chicxulub meteor struck the earth. We know from the geologic record this coincided/perhaps (it’s debated) caused the Siberian Traps a 10,000 km lava flow burned up a lot of coal. We know the CO2 went to 50,000 ppm about 5% of the atmosphere. This caused the earth’s temperature to rise 15°C.

Hmmm lets do the math. 50,000 ppm causes a 15°C increase. Humans are responsible for 120ppm.

Suddenly I’m not so worried about APGW — but it’s a great opportunity to make some hay.