I wrote this post because I am aware I live in a bubble.
Gabrielle Hermann

I don’t know if there are any news outlets considered truly unbiased. The Christian Science Monitor (surprisingly) is usually thought to be the best balanced politically.

The famous red blue map of how counties voted in the US shows that there’s really only a handful of counties with more than 50% support for Hillary. Despite the overwhelming coverage favoring her. I think the liberal thinking bubble resulted in liberal arts schools becoming the defacto journalism academies for the western world. Yes I do hold value in a liberal arts education, however I don’t think it’s necessarily all it’s cracked up to be. Remember Bill Clinton (serial rapist) is a product of a liberal arts education, as was Ted Kennedy (murderer, waitress sandwich). Do you know that Chappaquiddick has never to this day been covered by any news outlet in Massachusetts? Very telling.

Anyhow back to the subject of getting all the news. I guess one has to hold their nose and read all over the board. The surprisingly common source of news for all the media types is Drudge. He’s way over on the conservative side, as is Fox, Breitbart is way to the right too. BTW Breitbart has a story now that an NPR journalist (NPR is publicly funded) is vowing no more conservative interviews.

The major problem is not bad facts, but one sided reporting. Or more correctly suppressing really bad crimes. Yes Trump is a deeply flawed character, I had to hold my nose to vote for him. Hillary is the head of a crime family. Looking at all the criminal investigations run with Hillary or Bill named at the top of the page. Cattlegate, basically money laundering through commodity exchange. Rose Law Firm billing records, money laundering again. White House Travel Office, cronyism. Firing all the Federal Judges, manipulating the judicial system. Rape of Juanita Broderick, resulted in Bill committing perjury to the grand jury. While being deposed in a rape trial he lied about not having an affair with Monica. For perjury Bill Clinton was impeached by the house, but not removed by the Democrat controlled Senate. It’s where we learned that the majority of the people don’t know what the meaning of “is” is. Using the IRS to punish political opponents. Nixon was going to be impeached for this, he resigned the night before the trial. Bengazi, I think that was just incompetence. Wikileaks showed that the Clinton’s had foundation employees running high level negotiations with opposition political parties in Libya. The whole foundation thing taking almost a billion dollars in donations heavily weighted from the middle east. I’ve read somewhere don’t know the fact of it, that the foundation pays Bill a salary of something like $18 million a year.

Google “most damaging wikileaks” to find the site, there are about 100, 80 of which are just over the top bad.

All of our politicians are uniformly icky. Probably all are truly psychopaths. This is why the people need to vote for limited government. We do need a representative government (the alternative is worse), and all of our politicians, anyone who aspires to leadership is almost by definition a psychopath. But we absolutely require a hostile independent press which keeps the politicians in line. Yes all the politicians will be of poor character, sexual misconduct was and will be the rule and not the exception. —as the murder rate in the US is 90% in the drug war, stay out and stay alive —Stay away from politicians because they are psychopaths who often hurt people. Politicians abuse people close to them, but onesided reporting skews the perception that some have no faults.

What can we do as citizens? Read all over the board, tell our friends to read all over the board, don’t fall into the politicians personality cults. Be very critical of writers and celebrities who worship politicians.

Especially watch that negative labels can be applied only to one side. Are there real racists in the US? Yes, they exist on both sides, some small percentage of all people of all races. By default yes there are Klan types supporting Trump, likewise there are LaRaza and Panthers supporting Clinton. Do these racists get any traction with politicians? Only if the press can club the politicians into line.

To me the one we really need to watch out for is Soros. Absolute genius, self made billionaire, seeking to punish the US. He’s the head of a group called Democracy Alliance. A very undemocratic organization of wealthy industrialists, membership is $30k/yr + $200k in donations to targeted causes. They scheduled a meeting to tell Hillary what she was going to do in her first 100 days. DA funds BLM, and is funding illegal immigration. The Soros wikileaks dump says Soros is funding illegal immigrants to sway the electorate.

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