I’m Not Surprised Black People Are Being Killed in America
Mandela Schumacher-Hodge

I think you’re pursuing Selma envy. 50 years ago, but only in some parts of the US there was real racism. That completely evaporated everywhere in the US by the 70’s. There’s no longer any real racism in the US. Any person of any color, of any orientation can attend any school they’re qualified for entry, they can and do hold jobs in any industry. To pretend otherwise is wishful thinking, wishing that there were a very real crisis for which we could hold a banner and pretend that we were the underdog fighting against oppression.

The day Barack Obama won the election, was the very last nail in the coffin of democratic party racism. To pretend that the republican party is racist is to ignore the there were in fact a black candidates in the last 3 presidential primaries. This is an exercise in projecting your racism on to others. Your education apparently neglected the facts that the republican party , the party of Abraham Lincoln , the party which prosecuted the civil war to free the slaves, was also the party of the first 9 black senators in 1870. The democrat party was the party of Jim Crow laws.

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