Your Job Is Exploiting You
Samuel Annis

If you are being treated unfairly, pick up your last paycheck and leave. You yourself voluntarily choose to work under these conditions and you yourself are the fully responsible party. Globalization and immigration are part of what is holding you down. You are competing against a pool of illegal immigrants who will snap up that $5+ wage and say thank you Sam for giving me the opportunity.

If you desire better conditions, get a better education that will qualify Sam for a higher paying position. I don’t know what community college costs in Wisconsin, but in California it is so inexpensive as to be basically free. Plus if you are only making minimum wage, you’ll pretty much get a free ride. Anyone with a two year software degree and no swastikas tattooed on their forehead are going to start out at $50k .

What I think holds Sam down is that he is stuck thinking that the government is going to increase his pay. What Sam needs to realize is that Sam needs to increase Sam’s value.