GOP Healthcare Defeat: “Three-Dimensional Chess,” Or Just Incompetence?
Michael Tracey

It’s not going to be popular to defeat Obama-Care until people have suffered enough to want it replaced. You don’t get credit for slaying an invisible dragon, you need to be rescuing damsels by slaying the dragon. If we had gone into Germany in 1937 and slew Hitler losing merely 10k troops would anyone be singing our praises? Likewise if we take out Kim Jong-Un before he nukes Los Angeles are we real heros?

The projections for Obama-Care were poor from the beginning, which is why the staffers who wrote the bill exempted themselves and Obama himself sold exemptions to the program. Likewise many of the fees required were pushed out to 2017, conveniently after Obama was out of office and not to blame. When Gerald Brown (likely Gavin Newsom) goes to Trump asking for help, then Trump will have the firepower to repeal and replace.

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