Does Life teach me anything at 25 ?
Naofal Ali

It’s not that older people are magically wiser, older people have seen more Magick. It also depends upon how wide the people range. The more people travel (physically and intellectually) the wiser they become.

Most people never go more than a few miles from where they were born. Compare what you’ve learned by moving to another continent. Think about your friends who have never left town.

Part of ranging is ranging in intellectual pursuits. Did you major in computer science ? Now go study life sciences. You’ll be light years ahead of those who are limited to either single field. You’ll be able to apply computational thought to biological research, and biological thought to computer science. And as you’ve found out , working is vastly different from studying.

In my last job spent 4 years in a product group, then 5 years in an IT group then 11 years back in products. Each time I moved I learned new things, brought learning my peers lacked. My previous jobs included system maintenance and agriculture.

When you put multiple fields together, you gain synergy. But you don’t realize it natively. You can only see your new abilities when you see the deficiencies in your peers. If you’re a biologist who can see how to measure, collect, store, analyze, and report data, you are light years ahead of your peers who cannot. If you’re limited by having only a comp-sci education, you don’t see the biologist’s struggles. Each discipline has its own vision, range, and biases. Draw the Venn diagram.