Living in a bubble: lessons from the US election for Germany
Gabrielle Hermann

Perhaps the reason conservatives keep their heads down is the Orwellian environment.

To suggest that actually enforcing the immigration laws has been NewSpeak’d into xenophobia. To resist the progressives path towards global government control has been NewSpeak’d into Nazism. To question the honesty and motivation of politicians has been NewSpeak’d into treason.

Your writing style shows your closed mind. You presume anyone with alternative ideas is a nazi. The language of the press has convinced you that anyone who thinks differently is an evil monster with whom you cannot reason. The mea culpa from Will Rahn of should be a clue, when the New York Post becomes the clear voice of reason you should be alarmed.

As Nietzsche said “Beware, when you set out to fight monsters, lest you become a monster.”