142. Half the battle is lost or won the moment you are born
Johnson Kee

Privilege, the only privilege that really matters is family. Color is overrated. When a child is raised to adulthood under one roof by mom and dad, that is the greatest privilege. This is the thing that matters most to happy healthy adulthood. By happy healthy adulthood , I mean achieving your dreams, staying out of prison, staying out of the clutches of poisons, living life on your own terms.

What is taught by being raised by both biological parents is responsibility. Having two responsible adults demonstrate responsibility to their own children every day is what grows a responsible child. When a child grows up responsible, making responsible choices, there’s nothing standing in the way of that child.

When a child doesn’t have responsible role models, and makes irresponsible choices, i.e. has problems with poisons (drugs, alcohol), problems with education, problems with authority, this leads to problems with life. Problems with poisons holds people down, problems with education holds people down, problems with authority holds people down. When you can’t stay out of the grip of the things which hold people down . . . responsibility is the wings which set the child free. Without responsibility, the battle is lost.

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