Angiest In Seattle

Seattle gets like 150 days of sun in a year.

150/364 , let’s call it 365 for easy cocktail math. 150/365 = 30/73 ~= 10/24 ~= 5/12 basically 5 sunny days in 12, basically 5 sunny days every two friggin’ weeks, I’ll bet none of them falls on a weekend. You’ll have to take vitamin D supplements, you’ll have to go to the tanning salon just to stay alive, your skin will look all grey and dingy in a few weeks. You’ll never wear shorts again, you’ll dress like an REI manikin. A jacket and umbrella will be part of your attire in friggin July!

But I’ve heard the coffee is ok. :-)

And the seafood . . . and you won’t have outrageous air-conditioning bills.

So go for it. :-)

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