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Security is like our lungs. When you can’t breath, nothing else matters. We enjoy the freedom to express ourselves in any way imaginable. But there are people who are manifestly offended by our freedom, and see it as their duty to deprive us of our freedoms.

This Kizirh Kahn fellow who waves the constitution at (that clown) Trump, also believes Sharia law is more important than our constitution. Kizirh is an immigration lawyer who specializes in assisting people who believe just like himself that Sharia law supersedes our constitution. How many people who believe as do this Kahn fellow do we need to immigrate before we lose our freedoms? German nudists are being told that they’re no longer allowed to sunbathing at their sunbathing resorts. Because they will offend the immigrants. European women of course are no longer safe to on the streets at night. The German people are losing their freedoms and their security. Suddenly patriotism is all the rage.

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