No, I will not “waste” my degree if I don’t get a decent job
Shirley Lee

That’s the nihilist response —the nihilist has no responsibility. Your society — one of very few in existence which can provide advanced degrees — your society has put great effort into providing you with an advanced education, in the expectation that you will become a super producer. We can find any half-wit to slop swill. At great expense we educate the promising young people to provide healthcare, improve efficiency,bring us all up.We have the expectation you will take a leading role, to direct the machine. We educated you with the expectation you will use your gift to improve the lives of others.

Don’t you think you have a certain measure of responsibility to apply the opportunity gifted to you to improve the lives of the less fortunate?

People are hungry, homeless, in need of care —you are the smart one, the one in which we invested. You are the one we are counting on to feed the hungry, house the homeless, care for the needy.

Did we choose poorly, or did we choose well?

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