for their own survival, and maybe democracy’s
Trumpenstein: Creating a Media Monster
Dave Pell

The media would benefit democracy if it were an independent media. Since it’s morphed into the ministry of truth for the progressive agenda, not so much.

Someone here I believe “John the TIB” re-labels the media as “The Matrix.” John notes that all the stories are from the same angle. Rush Limbaugh notes that all of the various outlets carry the same talking points on the same day.

John also has a very funny story about how one of the late night comedians faced a difficulty arousing the proper hate target on the firing of Comey. It seems that the audience didn’t know Comey’s hatred status had suddenly switched —Comey was now the victim, meaning Comey’s hate was to be steered to Trump. This mix-up created confusion in the nightly 22 minutes of hate. The host had to stop the segment of hate and reset the targeting, after which the session of hate proceeded as planned.

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