The paragraph on healthcare was informative.
David Dunn

The problem with the government child rearing solution is we step into “A Brave New World.” Which leads to a loss of culture. What our children are really missing is exposure to people with drive. People like Jeff Bezos and Tim O’Reilly — and the uber-smart people who run their companies. Unfortunately the types of people who go into education are those who don’t have anything better to do — they failed out of the tough STEM courses so as a default, they took the BA and became elementary school teachers. These are typically not the inspiring types — they may have been on-fire at one time, but now they are deflated. Tim O’Reilly is kind of the exception. According to his earlier writings as he took the LA degree, discovered that a degree in “the art of being human” was particularly worthless, and went on to found a really great publication company. ORA (Tim’s company) was probably the greatest source of knowledge feeding the internet revolution in the 90's.

If we really want inspiring teachers, we would draft them out of the STEM industries for a year or two. For instance the writers who wrote books published by ORA, books such as the “PERL” camel books, “Mastering Regular Expressions” the owl books, &c. These are the people who can inspire young people to really be something.

Deflated Pat-Party-Town failing STEM choose education as the low road . . . not so much.

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