the free market
The Free Market Doesn’t Care If You Live or Die
Paul Constant

There is no free market

If there were a free market epi pens would cost $3 not $57. But back to your earlier statement, it’s like $1 for the medicine, and fifty cents for a syringe. Why does anyone need to buy an epi pen when they could buy a vial of epinephrine for one dollar, and a syringe for fifty cents.

The smell test

Every single dumb cowboy (I used to be one) is expected to participate in vaccinating the cow/calf herd. Somehow we dumb cowboys managed to inject 2cc’s to each cow and calf (and sometimes each other) in the middle of a muddy and bloody knock down-drag out rodeo brawl*.

We have millions of injectable drug abusers in this country abusing themselves with a syringe multiple times a week.

We have how many millions of type 1 diabetics in this country who need to inject insulin into themselves daily.

And you expect me to believe legitimate meds users cannot muster the ability to draw X cc’s from a vial and treat themselves for an allergic reaction with components costing less than $2.

That’s where the conversation should start

  • * I can tell you that the #18 needle leaves a big hole when it comes out the other side of your finger.
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