What Comes After Democracy?
Dan Stern

There is none more contemptible than those who have lost self contempt.

This is one of the teachings of Nietzsche, and the root problem with UBI. UBI turns all recipients into Nietzsche’s “Contemptible Cows” unwilling to find contempt in their minor flaws thus never improving their lives. Those contemptible cows are your elephants which are too lazy to eat. The demise of any single elephant is not evolution, evolution is the self-determination of an individual to chart a new path — to exploit a new evolutionary niche. The elephant which decides to eat the muskrat is exploring the new evolutionary path. Actually a better example is the equus which gave up eating rats and started exploiting an untapped resource . . . grasses — thus branching out of a dead-end family and into modern zebras, and horses. The ancestors are gone, modern horses survived by branching into that new path.

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