I Have Democracy Vouchers Now!
Nicole Dieker

Think about the math involved. Every homeowner pays $11.50, every voter receives $100 in voucher.

Pretty much says for every voter, nine home owning people were disenfranchised . . . or worse. Nine people were forced to subsidize the important one. Almost a little bit like slavery, nine people have to work to support their controlling master.

Just who were those nine —the invisible nine. Probably the working class Latinos (30% of whom) who voted for Trump.

A similar situation exists in California. Cesar Chavez day is a state holiday. The state workers receive a day off with pay. Meanwhile out in the fields, the farm-workers —the very same farm-workers who were Chavez’s supporters don’t have the day off. Furthermore they have to work ever so slightly more in order to subsidize the much higher paid state workers who’ve received yet another perk.

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