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Tejaswini soni

Whilst I’m not Thomas, let me say this has been my experience. I worked for 30+ years in electronics, and have been fired, laid off, right-sized, down-sized, and bumped many many times . . . then I retired. I went out on my terms.

Your career is not you. Yes, you love your job, you love your boss, you love your co-workers, &c. Those things are not you, they are a part of your life. Your life doesn’t depend upon them. Make sure you in your mind are a free-standing entity without them. Also make sure your mindset is such that you are not your car, not your house, not your book collection, or your gadgets, our even your art-work or other creations. You are a free mind, a free spirit unattached to the world.

If you don’t have F-U money (see Nassim Nicholas Taleb about F-U money), have a plan-B. I cannot emphasize this enough, not only have a plan B, have plan C, plan D, and so on. Make sure those other plans are different careers from what you do today, not just alternative employers within the plan A. Plan A will go away, not only the company, the career field may go splits ville.

Now, are you going to college in search of plan B? why not, can you learn about plan B somewhere else? Then do it.

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