he questions asked aboveimply white people (or anyone who isn’t black) have nothing at stake in the…
Stefanie Williams

White people, Mexican people, and Asian people also get killed by cops. White people are more likely to be killed by cops than Black people. So it’s not that we don’t have skin in the game. Yes there are costs with hiring police to protect us from bad guys. Sometimes things go wrong. But the benefit far outweighs the cost. About 99 other Black people get shot by other Black people for every Black person who gets shot by the police. Here you are focusing on the 1%. Focusing on the police is getting more Black people killed. After the heat from the 1% who gets shot fighting the police, the police reduced their patrols, the murder rate went up 44%.

What is the goal, keeping people alive, or having some banner to wave?

Waving that BLM banner is getting more people killed.

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