my stay will happen in a way that’s consistent with the values of the place
Airbnb’s racism problem is much bigger than a few racist hosts.
David Robinson

Who gets to decide “the values of the place” ? This is the beginning of the descent into condescension. Is this neighborhood a museum where the residents sit in a staged diorama for the Hipsters viewing pleasure?

Are the residents wards of the state that they don’t possess the capability to care for themselves?

If we take the socialist stance and decide certain people get to occupy specific neighborhoods, who gets to be the decision makers? Once we declare Chinese people may live in Chinatown, and Black people may live in Oakland, an outside observer will correctly determine this is a very racist society.

In a color blind non-racist society, we wouldn’t let the invisible hand of the market decide who gets to live where.

Witness the built in racism in today’s journalism. Only poor Black people receive consideration of oppression. Did anyone consider the colonialism practices of the federal government in rural farmlands oppressive? No? But every time the government institutes a new “national monument “ or “designated wilderness”, people are displaced. Every one wants to applaud Ansel Adams and John Muir for designating Yosemite a national monument, but nobody considers that thousands of Miwuk Indians were kicked off of their ancestral lands. Perhaps colonialism isn’t bad if we have a vested interest in the gains.