It’s Not About Race!
John Metta

Why does black people talk have to be ghetto talk? Not all black people come from the ghetto. I grew up in a time before ghetto talk, black people and white people spoke the same words in the same tones. In those days people of the same color on different sides of the country spoke with greater differences than people of different colors living next door. Ghetto talk was created, popularized, and spread by pretend hoodlums on TV. TV has done much harm to black people. TV taught black children disrespect, disrespect for their elders, disrespect for each other, and most damaging disrespect of themselves.

The really telling picture is meeting with black people from Africa. Black people from Africa don’t have a single drop of ghetto in their bodies, they don’t talk ghetto, they don’t walk ghetto, and they respect the laws which keeps us all safe.

Somewhere less than 1% of all black people shot last year were shot battling with the police. Why is it that you focus on the 1% and ignore the other 99%? Why is it that white people don’t give a damn about white people getting shot battling with the police? Mexican people don’t give a damn about Mexican people getting shot fighting the police, Asian people don’t give a damn about Asian people getting shot fighting the police.

Here’s the real difference between white people and black people, violence. Only one person I’ve ever met in my whole life has died from gunshot wounds (a classmate was killed by her Ex). No one in my family, none of my cousins, aunties, uncles, none of my 3 adult children, none of their friends nor family, none of my neighbors. Contrast this with a black girl who I met a few years back. She said half of her 50 or so cousins have been shot to death.

Why is it that no one is out carrying signs every time one black man shoots another in the drug wars, but every black person goes crazy when a stranger gets shot fighting the police?

Do you know why? Because BLM is a plan to divide America. BLM was created and funded by a white man named George Soros. George is the 27th wealthiest man in the world, he wants to punish America and bring about a one world government. BLM is his tool.

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