Donald Trump may just be the beginning
Alex B

Yes Alex, get over yourself already. The Thurston Howell the 3rd wing of the party forgot to invite the little people to share in the economy. Too much TPP, too much illegal immigration, too much globalization. Ignore the rank and file conservatives and they will go away . . . which is exactly what happened. The Howells got so wrapped up in the country club and left the children home alone without supper.

Now that pigeons have come home to roost, just what do the Howells do? Why Thurston and Lovie prepare to take a poison pill .

And where is Alex? Still in denial.

Here is what the rank and file expect. The republican party is a party for Americans, Americans first. Business is to be done in America, and that means manufacturing, not just packing bags of Chinese goods out the door at Wal-Mart. The conservatives expect a little trade protection. The conservatives expect that foreign countries don’t own our politicians. The conservatives expect that the leadership parks its money on-shore (congressional leaders should not be citizens of two countries, 100% of all leaders money will be in the US and 100% of the leadership’ heart and soul will be in the US. No more of this having a lifeline to another country , no more of this having a Caribbean hideout. If you want to lead Americans, be an American first and foremost.

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