A country that bleeds this amount of talent is going nowhere
Nigeria Is SNAFU
Cheta Nwanze

Yes of course Nigeria bleeds talent. Very good engineers are produced in Nigeria. I’ve had the pleasure to work with three of them in California.

I’m very happy that they have good employment in the US , but also very sad for Nigeria to lose these great minds. It makes Nigeria triple poor. First the country has made a great investment in the development of these people. Second they do great work contributing not to the Nigerian economy but to the US economy. Third they have raised very smart and capable children who won’t contribute to Nigeria.

How can Nigeria rise up out of this capability trap? I don’t know. Can the people select better leaders? Can the people vote with educated minds? Or are the people caught voting with their stomachs and not their brains. I can only think education is the solution, but that’s all the further my mind can reach.

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