Why I Think I Should Marry a Rich Man
Emma Lindsay

You enter into the world with all of the bigotry your liberal education has told you to deny. But somehow you’ve managed to justify bigotry when applied only to men. Whilst it is true any particular man may be emotionally stunted, women are equally proficient in this trait. Unless you think men and women have different abilities.

Here is where men and women differentiate. Men in general are more likely (than women) to do something stupid (no possibility of gain), dangerous, and beyond his ability. Think of the guys jumping moto-cross bikes a hundred feet in the air. Would you ever jump a moto-cross bike a hundred feet in the air?

Sometimes the man has learned from past poor experience to avoid the stupid, dangerous, beyond his ability things and limits himself to smart, dangerous, beyond his ability things. And sometimes, just sometimes he is successful. There were once two brothers who built bicycles for a living, they thought building a flying bicycle was a great idea (the epitome of stupidity). Their names were Wilbur and Orville.

Now that man , who did something stupid, dangerous, beyond his ability . . . and succeeded, now that man is a trail blazer. Other men try to catch up with him. Women still don’t fly moto-cross bikes, nor build flying bicycles.

I saw this writ small Friday. I went to a spin cycle class with my wife. I sat in the first row by the instructor. 24 women came into the class. Did many choose to sit in the first row? No, they filled in from the back. Only one woman chose the front row, and it wasn’t even my wife. And then these same women are (probably) getting all passive aggressive on FB because women are not in leadership roles. Why are so few women in leadership roles? For the same reasons that the women fill up the spin cycle class from the back, for the same reasons that women don’t fly motor cross bikes a hundred feet in the air , for the same reasons that women don’t do stupid, dangerous stuff beyond their ability like try to build flying bicycles.

Why, why, why?

It must be men’s fault. (sarcasm follows) Women are prohibited from sitting in the first row of 24 women and 1 man (female led) spin classes? Women are prohibited from buying moto-cross bikes and acetylene torches? (sarcasm off)

Why, why, why?

Why do you have a post explaining that you are deliberately choosing to not take a career?

If you choose marriage over career. Marry for love and not for money. People are much better than things. 80% of all couples stay married their entire lives. Married people are healthier and happier. What good is all the money in the world if you are lonely and/or ill and miserable all of the time?

Family especially children . . . will bring happiness, money won’t.

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