Electra Retains Agile Legal Consulting for Global Growth Initiative

Electra recently retained Agile Legal Consulting based in Melbourne Australia to support its global growth initiative and mass adoption. Agile Legal Consulting is a leading law firm specializing in blockchain technologies, digital currencies and tokenized securities.
As Electra becomes a global currency, Agile Legal Consulting will be instrumental in advising with regards to international law, foreign exchange registration, international regulatory compliance, Know-Your-Customer (KYC) requirements, legal precedence, and more. 
The Agile Legal Consulting team led by Harly Zappino, Kenny Lee and Jensen Ma are experts in the legal framework of blockchain technologies and will provide the Electra Project and the Electra Foundation with the needed experience for compliant and rapid global expansion.
Electra is a cutting-edge digital currency providing secure blockchain technology, lightning fast transactions, cross-chain atomic swaps, mobile, and web payment options, as well as donation and social pay technologies.
To join the Electra community, visit our website: electraproject.org
For more information about Agile Legal Consulting, visit: agilelegal.com.au
Written by: Captain Ron Christopher, an investor in Electra.