DigiArt Travel Story 19: Edyta’s Solo Trip And Travel Tips For Lviv,Ukraine.

I live in Poland, so visiting Lviv (Ukraine) may not seem like a big deal but not for me. This was the first time in my entire live I was about to travel all by myself, without any plan. I packed my navy suitcase and went for an adventure! There is something very special about Lviv. Some kind of nostalgy, out-dated romantism, maybe a little bit of a bohema vibe. The city has a multicultural history, you can see it blending here. What else? Delicious cuisine and Secessian architecture.

The historic city center put on the UNESCO World Heritage List. It all together should convince you to visit this place. Lviv is waking up slowly. As a day goes by, streets are getting crowded and loud, filled with tourists, coffee tables and street performers. Every visitor can find something special for himself. But no matter what are your favourite activities you have to spend some time at The Market Place. It is a central square of the city of Lviv, Ukraine.

The square is rectangular in shape, around the square there are 44 tenement houses, which represent several architectural styles, from Renaissance to Modernism. Right in the middle Town Hall is situated. It’s worth to put a little effort, spend 20 UAH, climb on 306 steps. and see the beautiful view from the platform. During the day you have to sit in one of the cozy coffee houses and try delicious Ormian cafe. When the night comes I recommend you to go for a wine or liquor tasting. If you are keen on history and architecture, I would recommend you to go and see a significant number of churches in Lviv (especially: Latin Cathedral, Armenian Cathedral, Dominican Church, The Bernardine Church and Monastery, Jesuit Church), Lviv Opera and Ballet National Academic Theatre and it’s surroundings, the High Castle.

If you are a foodie- you would be pleased to know that Lviv is, in my opinion, one of the best places for a food trip for every backpacker. City centre is filled with bigger and smaller restaurants, some are more fancy, at some’s you will see only local people, some are for traditional cuisine lovers. You don’t have to worry about accommodation and transport. Since more and more tourist are visiting Lviv every year it’s well organized and rather cheap. And one last advice- I strongly recommend you to take part in a free walking tour. See you there!

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