How To Reduce Word Power?

Words, the most common means of communication. It is the origin of recorded history and proper expression. The question we should ask ourselves is , “Isn’t it too outdated and overrated?”. The simple answer is “Yes”. The problems that come with an expanded vocabulary is that you will be able to clearly explain what you want the listener to hear or reader to read. Now we should simply assume that everyone thinks the same way we do, thus there is no particular requirement of too many words for expressing oneself. How different can people be?

Here are some few simple steps to cut down your vocabulary.-
 1.Don’t bother learning new words

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Learning new words can be difficult with the over indulging schedule of ours. To learn new words we will have to read lot of new books, magazines and articles. Now given our busy routine of binge watching this does seem a bit difficult thus avoid any new source of learning in any manner possible, stick to known and the routine. Also avoid any new words (that you might have accidently picked up) when conversing with people.

2.Read good English

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Books are the foremost way of learning and improving language and in turn vocabulary. The best to tackle this issue is by avoiding good books completely. If you really want to read but not gain anything the best way for you to do that is by sticking to Vampire and Werewolves series.

3. Bad Listener.

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I have done an entire blog post about how to be a bad listener but here is the gist of it. If the word your speaker uses is not understandable then just ignore what he or she is saying and move on to something else in your head.

4. Throw away that dictionary-

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Do you see how ancient the above image is? Yes, that is probably less ancient than a dictionary. Rumour has it that the first dictionary was carved out of the rib cage of a brontosaurus. Ask yourself,who in the current day would carry such a massive piece of outdated source of wisdom when everything is available through a google search( which we are still not going to use and assume that we know and understand most of the words that we come across in our daily life).

5. Word Games are Nerd Games

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Crosswords and puzzles help in learning new and innovative words in English. This is why they are called nerd games. Games are meant to be fun and learning should be avoided at all costs because that would again make us interesting and boring like in scenarios such as studying. If you want to look cool,stick to Poker and post some uber cool images on Instagram.

I hope these few tips have helped in reducing your vocabulary and your word power. If you ever have any doubts,this page will always exist.You can come back and read it anytime. There are no new words to learn here.

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Originally published at THE BROWN NOMAD.