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Electronero network — Fall Briefing

State of Electronero

Hello and thank you for your time. Brief update for Electronero network investors and those who have just joined us! Electronero is a privacy based blockchain built on top of the Monero codebase, with many improvements and security patches. Electronero core is open source, contributors from around the globe commit directly to repo(s) hosted at Github. Electronero network has access to web, mobile and desktop graphical user interface wallets, as well as social wallet bots for convenience. Webnero, Mobilenero, and Socialnero all securely connect to Electronero Passport, a private, secure protocol layer which transports data from users to the blockchain. With development focus on ease of use for new and existing blockchain users, the ability to access Electronero network blockchain from mobile, web, social and desktop is a major contributing factor to the growing popularity of Electronero ($ETNX) and other Electronero network coins.

The Future of Electronero Network

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At this stage there are 2 new protocols we’re researching and developing known as codename project NeroNet, and codename project ElectrOS. Both are highly confidential in nature. Simply due to the fact that these projects contain ground breaking technology which to our knowledge has not become over saturated, or properly implemented by the many thousands of coins available today on the market.

Let’s just say that there’s a possibility that with the successful development of these exciting protocols Electronero network could disrupt and decentralize major networking corporations, and potentially penetrate several internet markets.Interchained (Lead developer)

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Electronero network at your fingertips

Electronero Passport a secure protocol layer which transports data from users to the blockchain. This is some of Electronero’s existing “major league” technology, that catalyzes the entire Electronero Network project to further enable dapps/apps to use the Electronero blockchain to interact with and store users data. Electronero Passport is in use today in production with the following highly available d’apps: SocialNero Telegram/Discord Social Wallet Bot, MobileNero Electronero Mobile Application(s) for Android(published) and iOS(beta), Webnero graphical web interface and more.

Webnero Beta has thus far been a success! Electronero Passport account holders may login to Webnero web wallet. Registration for Webnero is active while we’re in beta. In addition to ETNX & ETNXP, Webnero supports the entire Electronero network, LTNX & GLDX. That’s right — we can store all Electronero network coins on Webnero.

Please note: Electronero Passport Account Credentials currently must be identical to login to the Webnero Beta. This means Email, Password and Security Code must be identical for ETNX/ETNXP/LTNX/GLDX in order to login to your existing Electronero Passport account. If you have issues logging into Webnero, please make sure to correct your credentials accordingly.

Electronero Mission

Our goal as always, is to preserve internet freedom, deter censorship, and promote privacy. Social media platforms is where censorship has begun with Google (youtube) and Facebook controlling, and even selling user data. Those who operate global governments are a long way from average Joes normal life. They need votes, so they create media to gain sympathy or advocacy, but after they are elected to office they do as they please manipulating entire industries to provoke lobbying. Basically forcing market leaders to participate in rounds of funding to impact certain laws which affect their industry. Or even worse, protect their company from laws which may cause them to close their business entirely. Sounds like “legal” extortion… or.. “legal” bribery… Lobbyists and the rich are controlling global economies and politicians make deals behind closed doors for campaign donations and other contributions. Those people also own the media and central banks. Outcome is Democracy is getting hollowed and meaningless for the public. We are gathered here today, all of us physically scattered around in different parts of the globe. Yet we all stand together in some weird room between democracy and dictatorship of the elite. It’s time to take on major corporations, and decentralize fundamental resources, and return the power to the public!

We’re in it for the long haul, join us!

It’s going to continue to take a lot of time and hard work; we’re up for the task! In fact research and development is ongoing here at Electronero network for over a year. Official announcements have yet to be made regarding NeroNet and ElectrOS, due to the confidential nature of these ground breaking technologies, and their fundamental operations. Stay tuned to @etnxnews for official announcements. In the mean time we’ll continue to upgrade webnero, and maintain Electronero network on schedule. If you require assistance setting up your Electronero Passport account or accessing Electronero network feel free to join @etnxsupport

Thank you for your continued support.

Learn more about Electronero Network!

Electronero is a decentralized hard fork of Electroneum. Shards of ETN exist on the Electronero blockchain and new blocks are mined on Cryptonight Fast for GPU/CPU miners ANTI-ASIC proof-of-work. Claim Electronero from ETN, by restoring your keys on ETNX blockchain, mining, or order on participating exchanges.

Electronero Source Code

Electronero (Source Code)

Electronero Wallet GUI (Source Code)

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Electronero Wallet GUI scanning the blockchain for UTXO/spent outputs contained in the wallet (shown above)

Electronero Desktop GUI Wallets

Watch new video on how-to regenerate Electronero wallet from keys or seed with Electronero-wallet-GUI

Windows and OSX Electronero GUI Wallet with electronerod Daemon

Windows and OSX Electronerod, Electronero blockchain tools, electronero-wallet-cli, electronero-wallet-rpc

Electronero Blockchain raw

Download and Import the blockchain.raw

electronero-blockchain-import — batch-size 20000 — database lmdb#fastest — guard-against-pwnage 0

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Access your Electronero Passport account via MobileNero (shown above)

MobileNero ($ETNX)

Download Electronero on Google Play:

Download Electronero iOS Test Flight:


Webnero is now available!
For beta access to Webnero web wallet interface, login to Webnero web wallet with Electronero Passport (SSL encryption required, visit via https://)

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Secure your Electronero Passport account login, and transfers with a 5-digit security pin code (shown above)
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Check your Electronero network coins balance conveniently (shown above)
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Transfer Electronero network coins effortlessly, with no-hassle (shown above)
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Blockchain history for your Electronero Passport wallet (shown above)

SocialNero ($ETNX, $ETNXP, $LTNX, $GLDX)

SocialNero access to Electronero Passport is now available!
$ETNX SocialNero
$ETNXP SocialNero
$LTNX SocialNero
$GLDX SocialNero

Electronero Social Media

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Join Electronero Network on Social Media

Visit Electronero (ETNX) official website at

Join Electronero (ETNX) on Telegram:

Join Electronero (ETNX) at Discord:

Electronero Medium blog:

Electronero Official Twitter:

Electronero Mining

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Dig With Us! Join Official Electronero mining pools

See the top Electronero (ETNX) mining pools at:

Dig with us

Ports: 1122 (low diff) or 2233 && 4455 (high end gear) 6677 (ssl)

Server Location US, Daemon location UK

Server Location UK, Daemon location UK

Server Location US, Daemon location UK

Server Location UK, Daemon location UK

Electronero Blockchain Explorer

Visit the block explorer to retrieve data from Electronero (ETNX) blockchain:

Electronero Blockchain Status

Check the get info (the status) function from Electronero blockchain directly:

Pull the already_generated_coins value from Electronero blockchain directly:

Trade Electronero ($ETNX)

See the daily volume and exchanges listings of Electronero (ETNX):

The top exchanges for trading Electronero (ETNX): — —

#ETNX #links $ETNX

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MobileNero wallpaper (shown above)

Some or all of these statements made are not guarantees of future performance and undue reliance should not be placed on them. Such forward-looking statements necessarily involve known and unknown risks and uncertainties, which may cause actual performance and results in future periods to differ materially from any projections of future performance or result expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements.

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ASIC-Resistant Electroneum Fork

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