Electronero upcoming Hard Fork block 407,001? There will be two coins..ETNX/ETNXP

Electronero Core team has been looking for ways to improve everyday since our launch. We’ve realized that there are just some inherited issues from the parent fork that need to be dealt with head on. The supply is the first issue brought up. So, we’re drastically reducing the supply on ETNX, and as a result of a chain split during an upcoming hard fork a new coin ETNXP Electronero Pulse will be formed… Hard fork will take place on block 500,000

Electronero Global Consensus team has held a vote over the last few weeks, and during the vote at which time there was a world wide caucus which was held online. The outcome of which is that a decision must be made to accomplish the goal, a common goal which is that of to present a healthy coin to the community. Our contributions have included smart wallet, mobile first development, GPU & CPU miner awareness, training and user support, 24/7 support around the world accessible through telegram and discord. Our caucus was held through votes from world wide participants. And the message was clear, loudly heard around the world. The coin he needs our attention. The coin must live and to satisfy the demand vs supply logic which is in turn crushing the coin potential. We have decided that we must preserve the integrity of the coin and this is our duty from day one.

We as Electronero are a hard fork of Electroneum, ETN is our shared genesis, but we hold no ties to the ETN development or any of the founders and we object to most of their decisions. And so Electronero Core team a unique operation, we have built a segregated alternative and have operated with many complex implementations such as flexibility of ring signatures, Cryptonight Fast algorithm, camel emissions distribution, many attack mitigation tactics, mobile interactivity, most of all user support to a growing world wide community.

Both ETNX Electronero and ETNXP Electronero Pulse have support from participating exchanges, the community, and the core development team. Solid plans have been put in motion for both.

“We are aiming to have new mobile and web interface with updated road maps out by the end of the month on block 407,001 BitcoinTalk ANN estimated to arrive on August 30th, 2018” — Mark Evans (lead blockchain architect)

This is an exciting time for the Electronero community as we continue to work through our road map bringing the latest and greatest to our users, present and future!

At this point all exchanges that have ETNX listed have agreed to update ETNX and nearly all have voted in support of the fork ETNXP. You will be able to take part in the fork if you have your ETNX parked in the mobile app or deposited to one of our Exchange Partners.

TradeOgre.com (maintenance: confirmed support for ETNX/ETNXP)

Instaswap.io (Online: support for ETNX/ETNXP)

TradeSatoshi.com (maintenance: offline/ ETNX update confirmed )

Reminder do not send coins to exchange while they are in maintenance before a hard fork…Use another fully operational exchange or functional smart mobile application.

Keep in mind that both of these projects are still very young, and being worked on extensively to ensure security and functionality. We are in the early stages of planning our Smart Games which will heavily rely on the ETNXP network and supply. We are striving to both diversify these two projects and share the technology and features between them to stay on top of what’s new, exciting, and most important, that they work. We deeply appreciate your support for the project(s) and we look forward to serving you.

Electronero Core Team